I hate fall. I browse around Blogland reading post after post about the loveliness of fall and it’s colours and what not and I still hate it. I hate rain when I have to get on my bike in the morning. I hate rain when I have to pick up my son in the afternoon. And I hate it even more when he wants to go out to the park and pick soggy pinenuts in the mud. So when we got home yesterday (“mummy, why are you so grumpy?…”) we decided to something to lift the spirit.


The boy likes tents, so we pulled out our big stash of wraps and covered the dining table. It’s another reason why I feel I have a perfectly good excuse to keep my stash of – otherwise unused – wraps eventhough I don’t carry my son anymore.

As he was playing house (or should I say tent?) I re-arranged some things and got out some more candles. That’s really the only nice thing about cold nights. You get to burn more candles.

The apothecary bottles found their way back into my living room again and I love the golden light of my little lamp.

Now all I need is a good roast of lamb tonight and I’ll be fine. 🙂