Some good things are even better when they’re small and you can have one all to yourself. Like these little apple pies. The boy and I wanted to make an applepie, but he got bored halfway and I was left in the kitchen with a bowl of sugary apples and some spare time. I’ll be honest: these are not your let’s-whip-this-up-quickly-before-teatime kind of pies. But they’re good if you want to spend some time thinking about nothing but rolling and cutting out pastry. So far for the disclaimer. 😉

The shoppinglist

5 apples (I use Granny Smiths)
1 cup of raisins
2 tablespoons of sugar
1 teaspoon of cinnamon

300 gr. plain flour
200 gr. sugar
15o gr. butter
1 egg
A pinch of salt

Some extra oil or butter to grease your tin

Making the pastry

In a bowl, mix the flour and salt. I added some spiced cookie mix, but since this is a typical Dutch product you can pimp your pastry by adding some cinnamon, cloves and vanilla extract if you want. Or just keep it plain.

Dice the butter and add together with the egg. Rub the flour well into the butter so you get crumbs. Then knead until you have a good consistency. The pastry might seem very dry, but by kneading it you soften the butter and the pastry will come together. If you’re pastry is still to try after kneading, add a tablespoon of luke warm water.

Cover the pastry with cling film and set it to cool in the fridge for half an hour or longer.

Making the filling

Peel and cut your apples in slightly smaller pieces than you would making a regular apple pie. Mix with the raisins, sugar and cinnamon.

Making the pies

Dust your workspace with flour. Roll out a piece of the pastry. Cut out the amount of circles you need in two sizes, one about an inch bigger than the other. I used cooking rings to do that but you can also do it with a knife, cup or bowl. It doesn’t have to be perfect.

Grease your tin and dust it with a bit of flour. Line the tins with the bigger pastry circles, add a generous amount of filling (it will shrink while cooking) and cover with the smaller pastry circle. Make sure you press the edge of the smaller circle well into tin. Cut out a hole to let the steam out while the pies are cooking.

Cook for 45 minute at 180 degrees.