In my attempt to work through my stash I came across some left-over alpaca yarn that I made a wrap out of, a few years back. I figured I’d make a nice cowl out of it, for the days when it’s too warm for a wrap yet too cold for nothing at all. Which is […]

10 May 2017 · 0 comments

I love this divine shape. It’s the only thing I remember how to draw from geometry class. It’s nice equal sides and it’s pretty 60 degree angles. Yeah, I love this shape. So I really wanted to knit it because deep down I hate knitting and I figured it would be better if I could […]

07 April 2017 · 0 comments

Some projects almost become a part of your life. Not to sound too dramatic, but it happens. This was one of those projects. It’s huge, it’s wonderful, annoying at times, delightful at other times. And when it’s done you don’t really feel done. You’re wondering when the next round is, if you still have enough […]

28 February 2017 · 0 comments

Yeah don’t worry, it’s just the name of this great boomerang shaped shawl pattern. I finished it with my treasured stash of Araucania Copihue. This alpaca yarn has sadly been discontinued.

14 February 2017 · 0 comments

Work doesn’t allow me to spend as much time on my projects than I would maybe like to. But then again, that way they’ll last longer. Years ago I purchased this mad rainbow colored Araucania yarn on Ebay. It’s the same kind that I used for this shawl. The pattern is Debbie Stoller’s Sidewalk Shawl. […]

03 May 2014 · One comment

When I have to work or leave for the weekend, I like coming home to some cosiness. In the winter I might put an extra blanket on the sofa so I we can crawl under it after putting our pyjamas on. Sometimes I re-arrange some things before I leave so it feels like I’m coming […]

23 March 2014 · 0 comments

My boy’s teacher celebrated her birthday last Friday, so I thought I’d finally make some scented sachets. They make for lovely little presents and are so easy to make you can whip up a few more for yourself. 🙂 I had some soft purple DK yarn around somewhere and figured it would be a nice […]

06 November 2013 · 3 comments

After finishing my mother’s birthday afgan in under 4 weeks I’m hell bent on wrapping up two projects that have been in my WIP basket for ages. Somehow, when I make something for others I always finish in time but when it comes to stuff for me I slack. So last weekend I arranged my […]

10 October 2013 · 0 comments