I love you to death. But sometimes you drive me crazier than my four-year-old putting toy cars under my bed sheets.

Last week I made a serious effort to organize my art supplies. To be honest, I repeat this process every three months or so because for some reason, whatever I do, it never seems to make sense anymore after a few weeks.

But no matter what, this happy buddy always has a top spot. I never ever use him for reference but he keeps an eye on my watercolors.

The table that holds all my art supplies used to be in my kitchen. I don’t really work at this table as it’s not the right height but I had to throw in some pointed pen work-in-progress just to make things look less dusty than they are.

I’m pretty happy about this arrangement. Before, all my pens, brushes and pencils were in drawers which frustrated the life out of me because I hate opening drawers. Now I can just grab whatever I need. And when I don’t need anything, I sit staring at my little friends. (honestly, that sounds stranger than it is. Really!)

Next up is my paper stock that needs some serious organizing. Do you have a specific way of arranging your art or craft supplies? I’m still in need of more inspiration so leave your ideas in the comments below.