A while ago the awesome Debby from Bohemian Dreams asked her readers what their favourite quote was. The first thing that came to mind was a quote often used by a handful of Roman dictators who figured that Fortuna, Goddess of Luck would be one their side if they just send in a few thousand armed men and see what would happen. Ofcourse – being a mum and all – I would never appriciate such a thing. Ahem. But I do like what they (according to vague historic records) would holler at their troops: Fortune favors the bold.

So I was pretty surprised when I week later I received a beautiful leather bracelet with that quote on it. It’s a lovely turquoise, handmade by Prisca who runs the webshop Casa Happiness. You can pick your own text and the color of your bracelet for a price that makes me want to order ten more. You can customize them here.