…I’m here. Kind of. I feel bad for not taking better care of my blog lately but I’ve been feeling rather down. Or stressed out. I can’t tell the difference sometimes.

My son has been ill for weeks now, sometimes he feels better for a few days, then something else strikes. Flu, infections, fever, the whole package. I feel awful because he feels awful and at the same time life goes on. I feel inadequate, as a mum and as the owner of my business. I cannot for the life my figure out a way to combine the two in situations like these, without going nuts.

This week I was so frustrated with myself, I figured why not just write it down. If anything, it won’t make it worse. I wrapped up some deadlines and hired some people to do the rest, so I can breathe. Maybe I’ll try some painting this weekend but I’m not sure. All my artistic confidence a few weeks ago resulted in a number of unfinished works that I do not dare touch now because I simply lack the peace of mind.

I honestly apologize to everyone who emailed/called me and got no reply. I’m trying to catch up on my private emails, but I hope it’s understandable that work and house hunting are my main priorities right now.

Take care,