Don’t get me wrong; I love going shopping with my son. But there are these moments when unexpected lonesomeness can be such a treat. My son could play at a friend’s house and as I went home I figured I could take a little detour past the thrift shop.

I hardly ever look in the containers of cutlery. Not that I don’t like cutlery, I love it. But those containers are too gross even for my thrifting standards. So as I walked by them, I just peeked a little over the edge. Amongst all the mediocre items I spotted this mighty elegantly shaped dessert cutlery. I now need to think of an equally elegant dessert to eat with this.

Little. Red. Oven dishes. What else can I say? Only that I wish there were four more.

Last but not least, this beautiful cooking pot from Moira England. This thing is so heavy I’m afraid to put it up on the shelve together with my other pots. (see a pattern here?)

Did you go thrifting this weekend? Let me know what treasures you found in the comments! (if you have a blog, don’t forget to leave a link)

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