To be honest, I felt in the last few weeks that I just wanted to buy things because I wasn’t happy. You know that feeling? When you walk around your local shop and you just see things to buy, instead of beautiful object with a story to them.

Last week the boy and I both felt like going to the thrift shop nearby. Just to wander around. We both left with some thing that made us happy. Wondering who used it before and what they did with it.


This is why I love these shops so much. You find an old house number. Just this one, but it’s your favourite number seven. It beautifully heavy and the red glaze is ever so slighty cracked. It’s perfect.

My house is getting full of old brown glass objects, so I picked up this white bottle to even things out. 🙂 They are both a moderate size and will do just perfectly with a flower or two in them.

I don’t usually find an enamel cooking pan that I like. But this one was there just for me. Large enough to cook a paella for four and so pretty with it’s subtle white specks and delicate handles.

Oh, this bowl. It’s color just made everything else look bland. When I picked it up I felt it’s uneven thickness. Handmade, but not by a professional. Perhaps someone’s first project marking the start of a wonderful journey of ceramics. Who knows.

Have you thrifted anything lately? I’d love to see your finds so leave a link below in the comments! Linking with A Living Space and We Call It Junking.