Balcony life

Eventhough our indoor renovation is finished, there is still a lot of work to be done on the outside. In order to do that work, they removed the glass panels that seperate our balconies. Turning our outside space into one big 150 meter long running track. The funny thing is that eventhough we’re supposed to keep the balconies cleared, people started putting stuff back the minute the sun came out. I had a boy standing in front of my livingroom window last week who was lost playing with a ball and couldn’t for the life of him remember where his own balcony door was. It’s a little abstract, to put it mildly.

So when my tomato plants started looking sad because they were not getting enough sun inside, I decided to let them out for a bit. While construction workers were moving isolation material I spend a few hours planting some more herbs and rearranging my pots. I realized I have great neighbours, who stick their head out the door and ask me if I have some parsley seeds left.

My boy likes to walk around naked all day long. And help me make holes for the seeds to go in. I remember two years ago when I had to put my plants up high because he would rip them out. Now he can’t wait for the first tomato to start growing. I also wonder what the hell I did right in this life to live with such gorgeousness every day.

We planted some grape seeds from the grapes my mum brought when she was here last weekend. I’m thinking of building an arch on my balcony where they can grow.

Tomatoes, basil, coriander, thyme and anis. I also have some capsicums and flat leaved parsley growing in the kitchen.

Hello there…

Uhm yeah. Meet our new friend Jake. A neighbour had to cut down on pets and asked if we wanted to keep him. I said yes without thinking about it because that’s what I do. Eventhough I would never decide to keep a bird, he’s a welcome addition to our home. I try to let him out as much as I can but he seems hell bent on eating my tomato plants.

His name was a topic of debate. My son – Julian – wanted to name him Julian. I tend to name everything in my life after Star Trek characters. For instance, my son. So we made a deal. His name would start with a J (happy kid), had to be a male name (happy bird) and should be a Star Trek character (happy me). Say hi to Jake.

A day out

The pyramid of Austerlitz is a strange tourist attraction in my area. Some French general went to Egypt to wage war, came back thinking those pyramids were awesome and decided to build one to keep his troops occupied. He didn’t bother looking into any ancient techniques and had the thing whipped up in 27 days out of clay. Then we put a wooden obelisk on top of it. Cause well, that’s double awesome right? After a few decades the thing started to decay (no shit) and someone thought it was great to restore it to it’s previous (though short-lived) awesomeness. So far for your history class, kids.

Yes, I know it looks easy to climb. With a staircase and all. Well it wasn’t. It was a bitch and when we got to the top those two monsters started running around and my mother paniced because she’s afraid of heights. I carried both kids down and spent four days limping around.


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