Bloody hot days and lots of rain; the days were hard to predict this summer. Now that it has come to an end we await a new adventure: Jools’ first day of school in September. Before that, I’ll share a birthday, some crafting and just allround laziness. 🙂


Birthday preperations need to be taken seriously yes!

The mister turned 4 years old on August 19. He asked for a Car’s cake just like any well-behaved boy his age does. Instead of neatly crafting one out of fondant and what not, we baked a chocolate-cherry cake and threw a plastic toy McQueen on top of it. 😉

I don’t really have a lot of pictures of me and my boy together. I could say it’s because I’m always the one taking pictures but I’ll be honest that I just hate being in them.

At one point I thought I misplaced my camera. Then I saw a little boy walking around with a (for his size) quite hefty Olympus E-520. He shot the following two pictures without anyone instructing him how to use a camera…

Mice are for cats. In this house we use Wacom. 🙂

Last few days before school. Painting waves.

And working on my mum’s birthday present.