My son is a big fan of the camera, but lately he’s been feeling uncomfortable when I want to take a picture of him. It took some getting used to his new attitude but my mother heart is accepting the fact that it’s just the way it is. When his friend came over he asked if I want to take a photo of him, which I gladly did. I love how different he looks compared to the loads of cheeky shots I have of him when he was younger.

A little frustration

I’m not keeping up with my “100 challenge”. I haven’t touched a watercolor brush in months. And practising my calligraphy is just about my lowest priority at this moment. It’s frustrating. And I know that I can stop feeling frustrated if I just plan my schedule a little better so I have time to do what I need. But scheduling is not one of my talents. And that’s even more frustrating…

Sunshine and some tapas

The sun is shining like mad. Say what? Yes, it’s March and THE SUN IS SHINING! In the Netherlands, will you believe it?! The boy was watching YouTube and I cooked up some tapas. Put on a playlist of the Gypsy Kings and my summer evening is complete.

This is what I love about this flat. People are just one floor away and they happen to have a beautiful daughter for Jools to play with. And swoon over. But that might be my supressed romantic side talking.

This little boy was our first stay-the-night-guest and it was lovely. He wanted to sleep in Jools’ bed and my son took advantage of that to sleep in mummy’s bed. I didn’t expect everything to go so well and it was a nice first experience for me.

Oh right…work

I don’t talk a lot about my work here on the blog and I don’t want to start now. I was in Hilversum for business and afterwards we were looking for a place to have some lunch and ran into this HUGE organic supermarket. I’ve never been in such a large store carrying all organic product. I thought I died and went to food heaven.