I need to keep my hands busy these days. Every moment I’m without something to do, my anxiety grows and I need to move. Things like knitting or embroidery can be helpful if it wasn’t for the fact that my perfectionism is not a good match when feeling that way. So I tried something new; I started ‘something’ with one rule in mind: no frogging when you feel you messed up. Accept and knit on. This is not a showcase, just a way to ease up on the stress. DO. NOT. FROG.

My son is learning how to knit at school and because of that, suddenly notices that I knit too. It’s funny how people see things differently once they’ve done it themselves. He breaks out his old baby clothes and is amazed by the fact that I once knitted that for HIM.


Drawing is calling me but in that way that I find hard to listen to. I’ve had this feeling for a while now that all I want to do all day is paint. That, for some reason, I don’t want to squeeze it in during evening hours. It bothers me because currently I’m just doing fuck all because of that. Also, how can one want to paint all day while not deriving an income from that? Follow your heart, they say. But there is more to life than just the heart. I got a request recently to sell a painting. I read the message and deleted it out of sheer anxiety. There is a brain in between my heart and my passion to paint and it’s not cooperating with me right now.


He wanted ice cream. No, he NEEDED ice cream. It was a good call because a new season means new ice cream flavors that are in need of a test panel. 😉