We had lunch at Broodlokaal in Zeist, a wonderful lunchroom-in-shop where they serve everything organic and homemade. I love the interior as well.

New concrete on our walk-way and a very exciting way to get to the frontdoor and NOT DROP YOUR KEYS OR PHONE. (and scratch your name into it while still wet 🙂 )

On the first day of our indoor renovation we didn’t have a replacement cooking unit yet so we had to order in. What a shame.


Every since I left home my cat started giving me the stink eye. Now he’s cozying it up with my mum every time I come around.


Party at school. No idea why. It had something to do with some holiday that I’m not familiar with. Here’s to parenthood.

I need this game more than you can imagine.

Dinner at Vis & Meer because I was AGAIN to lazy to cook and wanted to go to this amazing fish restaurant for like months. Lazy + wanting = golden combo.

The construction workers forgot this helmet at one of my neighbours. She claimed it for the boy. 🙂

Pancakes, sugar, stuff-to-stick-your-head-through. Smiles.

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