When I have to work or leave for the weekend, I like coming home to some cosiness. In the winter I might put an extra blanket on the sofa so I we can crawl under it after putting our pyjamas on. Sometimes I re-arrange some things before I leave so it feels like I’m coming home to something new. I’m easy to fool like that.

This little buddy I made for my son when he was little. For some reason he never really grew fond of it so now he’s my little housekeeper. He likes sitting on a pillow, looking outside or keeping an eye on my stuff.


When I bought this little plant it’s flowers where white but after a few days they turned green for some reason. My only talent when it comes to plants is to think of a hundred ways to kill them, so I was sure I did something wrong. I’m happy to say that when I came back after the weekend it had grown a new (white!) flower and a load of fresh leaves. Good boy. 🙂

I cleaned this silver necklace and put it up to let it catch some light because my mother once told me stones need sun. She probably told me a lot more useful information that I forgot. Hey, I’m trying here!