Don’t get me wrong; I love going shopping with my son. But there are these moments when unexpected lonesomeness can be such a treat. My son could play at a friend’s house and as I went home I figured I could take a little detour past the thrift shop. I hardly ever look in the […]

14 April 2014 · 5 comments

Some good things are even better when they’re small and you can have one all to yourself. Like these little apple pies. The boy and I wanted to make an applepie, but he got bored halfway and I was left in the kitchen with a bowl of sugary apples and some spare time. I’ll be […]

26 March 2014 · One comment

The thing with not getting things done – for whatever reason – is that they become larger than life in my mind. My unfinished kitchen was one of those monsters in my closet. Last week I took some serious advantage of my boyfriend, his car and ability to lift heavy things with a smile on […]

04 February 2014 · 0 comments