I used to think that my biggest problem was me getting sick, while facing a tight deadline. I remember those mornings, waking up after a few hours of sleep from a dream that inevidably involved that particular deadline. Feeling stiff, cold and dizzy. And thinking, “oh no…not the Flu…not Now…”.

I know better now.

Last week two burning hot little feet against my back wake me up. I look over my shoulder, and my baby boy looks at me with glassy eyes. He makes a strange whaling sound. He’s so hot that there’s damp on my glasses when I lean over towards him. He’s got the Flu.

Thank God I don’t have any client meetings or Skype conferences this week. I only have three deadlines to make, and I’m thinking I’ll be alright as long as the boy can sleep on the couch downstairs, or in my bed while I paint and fight my daily battles with Magento templates.

The boy however, disagrees. He settles himself on top of me, tells me (yes TELLS me) to lay down, puts his face in my neck and two hands in my hair and falls asleep. I pull my laptop closer to me, and for the next three hours I try to get something done with one hand and a painful neck.

And as time is ticking away, I grow increasingly agitated. I don’t know how to explain this to people and I don’t know if I should. I work in an industry where time is crucial and not really up for discussion. An industry where you can’t always afford to lose clients.

I hate feeling this way.