I wanted to treat myself to something nice to start the new year (well actually, I just needed an excuse to buy things but whatever) and came across the Dutch webshop Sensationalhome. They sell a range of Yankee candle products and I’ve been wanting to try them out for quite a while now. I purcased some votives, the small wax tarts, to try some scents out and they arrived in the mail today. I must say I like them. My postal box now smells like fresh laundry on a spring day. 🙂


We decided no gifts for Christmas this year as the month of December was a stressful one with my grandmother passing away. I tried very hard to stick to that resolution but couldn’t help myself and so I made some cards last minuted and attached them to small gifts.


I’m by far no master scriber but I do like to play with ink and pen. I might even invest in some better nibs because the ones I’m using now are the cheapest of some unknown brand. I still outline first with pencil and add more thickness to the downwards strokes by hand. If you’d like to give it a try, check out some fonts I use for inspiration.

Lainie Day
Old Script
Renaiss Italic
Billion Stars